Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Needs versus Wants with Kindergarten

I try each year to incorporate some part of the classroom curriculum into my mini lessons.  Today I worked with Kindergarten on Needs vs Wants.

I used the Charlie and Lola book, "I really, really need actual ice skates".  I read the book and then talked to students about what the difference in needs vs wants was.

You can find ALOT of free smartboard lessons on smart exchange as well as TpT freebies.
Kids enjoyed the video as well on Youtube.  Love me some YouTube in the classroom.
So cute!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What does The Parts of a Library Patron look like?

I have seen these cute and adorable little posters on TpT and Pinterest and love them.  So I wanted to make one for my library.
We are really pushing to wear our ARMOR in our school because we are Knights so I wanted to incorporate that as well.  So here it is....
Armor in the Library YAY!
How cute is that if I say so myself ;)

And of course I couldn't leave my library folks out so here you go as well
Click HERE to download yours!!!!!!!
Hope you ENJOY the FREEBIE!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back to School

I know, Back to School....just now posting after three weeks of school.  If you are a media specialist than you know those first weeks are full of tech trouble shooting, connecting equipment for teachers, getting your space ready for the kiddos and so much more!!

Im soooo excited that we are starting our year off with a new principal that is excited about our school and making this a great place to be.

To start a new year I want to change things up a bit and provide more opportunities for the kiddos to participate.

Sooooo where else to go but PINTEREST :)

Got these ideas off pinterest and LOVE it.

The first one is "You should REALLY read this" bulletin.  I laminated the paper and put sticky notes in a bucket and attached it to the wall.  Whenever students or STAFF want to suggest a book, they get a sticky, write the name and put it under their grade level.  

love reading what they suggest!

I also was looking for ways to show how the media center impacts students and their learning.
So another sticky area.  This one is What did YOU learn today.  I told students it can be from a book they checked out or from something I taught.
This is a great idea to show others what is going on in the media center and what students are learning.  Sometimes I require students to fill a note out before leaving and sometimes I make it optional.

Hope these are helpful to you and your library!! Would love to here your wonderful ideas as well because you know we all are doing WONDERFUL things!!