Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday Tried and True

A linky party of tried and true routines, books, lessons, or other aspects of teaching that you go back to time and time again.

I'm hosting a Throw Back Thursday Tried and True linky party and hope you can join.  I am hoping we can throw back each week those tried and true lessons, read alouds, class routines or whatever aspect of teaching that has always worked for you.  What are those things that you go back to time and time again that never out date themselves.

I am a teacher librarian so my throwback Thursday is Mr. Wiggles.. I have used those book care books for years and they never get old.
Kinders love Mr Wiggles and it really gets to the point of book care.  
I never get tired of him and the kids don't either.

What is your Throwback Tried and True.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skippyjon Jones Centers FREEBIE

I have began my centers for the year in the school library.
This year it has been more of a process because I want all the centers to be meaningful.

I see k-2 once a week.

Because we have been reading Skippyjon Jones, I decided to begin my first round of centers based on him.

Here are my center signs which I completely stole the idea from Pinterest and now can't remember who from...sorry, Ill come back when it comes to me.
Children know they must check out a book and they must visit ONE center.  I also printed the names of the students on a spreadsheet because I want to be sure that I know when someone has gone to the same one over and over...up to you how you would do it.

I also chose three IPADs and downloaded Make Dice Lite.  Love love love this app.  You can use as many dice as you want, any color and you can add words, letters, numbers.  

Here I have to dice on the Ipad.  Students did a math roll.  They roll the dice and create a number sentence.
Here the student rolled 2 and 1 so they write that in the blanks and solve.

I used the app and created a MUY Loco vs Good Dude words printable.  Students roll the two dice, one has a consonant and the other as a blend like ap,at, an.  Students roll the dice and if it is a word they write it under Good Dude, if it is not, they write it under MUY Loco.

I also put an IPAD at the Skippy Game with one die.  Students roll the die on the IPad and play the game.

My other centers were listening center with a Skippy book, Computers where they listened to two Skippy books on Youtube, Be a Skippy illustrator, where the students had directions on how to draw a chihuahua (Google it and you can find the print out) and the Skippy Hidden picture.  Which is included in this freebie.

There is also a Siamese vs Chihuahua handout where I thought I might have a center with books about both and let students write about each one but I haven't used that yet. 

Pick up your FREEBIE HERE and HERE with center signs and all.  Hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Five for Friday Linky

I am linking up with DoodleBugsTeaching Five for Friday Linky.

It's where we link and post five things we did Friday or this week and link to other blogs.

It has been a fun and filled week with the Book Fair in full force.  If you don't know, I am a teacher librarian in charge of the media center and 780 k-5th graders.

This year I had the most participation in book fair and to add participation in the character dress up day, I offered a prize to the top three teachers that dressed up.
And the prize was, 90 minutes child free lunch!!

Boy did I get some participation there.  And I covered one of the lunches already, only two more to go. Here is the first, second, and third place winners.
If you give a mouse a cookie

Click Clack Moo

Harry Potter

And of course me and my tech assistant dressed up with our homemade Pete Shoes
Me on the left and Pam on the right

On Wednesday we dressed to the theme of books are Pinkalicious.  We also wanted to keep with the Breast Cancer awareness theme for the month of October so of course me and Pam had to go over and beyond crazy pink!!  Me on the left and her on the right.

How awesome is it when you get to see the kids' creations.  This year we did the storybook pumpkin patch during the book fair so that was our book fair theme.  I had an overwhelming response even though it was optional.  This is my favorite SPLAT!!

And of course to wrap the book fair up, we ended it with the theme, snuggle up with a good book.  Here are a few of us in our pj's!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Creepy Carrots

It's that time of year and FALL is my favorite.  I love the colors, the smells, the weather and most of all the books!!
My favorite is CREEPY CARROTS by Aaron Reynolds.
I love the illustrations and the cute story.

I read it to my second grade class and we talked about MOOD.  We looked at the pictures and talked about how the illustrator uses black and shadows to set the mood.

Before reading the story I showed students the anchor chart I made and told them what mood was.  Then I asked them the mood of this carrot.  

As we read, we stopped at points and talked about how the illustrations of black and shadows set the creepy scary mood.

Then we talked about different moods.
I created this freebie for students to create their own creepy character.  I asked them to choose any mood.  Some of the students really went off and turned out great!