Friday, November 21, 2014


It's a Friday free for all where every Friday teachers and educators are linky up with some great FREE resources!!! Be sure to add the link to your blog and link back here.  

My Friday FREE FOR ALL this Friday is
the free analog clock clip art.  Be sure to check it out.
Great to create your own lessons, smartboard activities, printables and more.
Click on the Clock to get yours!
What's your Friday FREE FOR ALL?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Five for Friday

Here we go! So this week I was out at a convergent meeting with all the tech and media people in my county! Great minds coming together and sharing ideas. I am going to share some of those things through my Five for Friday!  Be sure to click on the picture below to link to Doodle Bugs Five for Friday!!

My first is SKYPE in the classroom.  I love it!  You can do a mystery skype and have students guess where the others live.  You can skype with others about anything.  YOU MUST go and sign up for skype in the classroom and connect with others.  Look in my sidebar, I am trying to get with others and skype about Holidays Around the World!! 
So much awesomeness at these meetings I couldn't help but share WONDEROPOLIS!  If you haven't heard of it you must go check it out!!  What a great way to get students ALL AGES to begin thinking! Matter of fact, I am presenting today!! HERE is the presentation.  I am tying it in to my research model process. Feel free to use it!!!

Oh My, such greatness from this conference.  Another thing I am learning is tweeting!  If you don't tweet, don't be scared.  It is an awesome way to spread the news, share ideas, connect with others and classrooms.  You can tweet with me at @summersusu!  Check out the Library Girl's tweet to.  There are so many tweet meetings and sharing times that you are missing out on so do it!!
So I am trying to do a weekly Throwback Thursday.  Just started last week.  I want to share tried and true ideas that you always go back to.  Who else wants to join.  So far I think my linky folks missed the idea that I want links to blogs writing about those tried and true things, not a link to a product.  HELP...maybe my linky party is a bust?

And last, We celebrated my youngest birthday :)
On the left, turned 6.  Where did the time go and my oldest on the right.  Got an amazing Living Social deal at Monkey Joes cause Lord knows I couldn't afford it otherwise.  We were able to invite the whole class!  We had a blast!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

It's that time again
Please be sure to link to your BLOG not your TpT store.
Looking for tried and true things you have used in your teaching experience that always works over the years.
Be sure to click on the link below to add your blog link and copy the picture to add to your blog.

My throw back tried and true is bubbles and hugs.
When I ask my students to stand and line up I say, bubbles and hugs.  Students know to put a bubble in their mouth and a hug around their library book.
Love hugs and bubbles.

Add your tried and true below.