Thursday, February 4, 2016

Celebrating Black History Month with African American Authors

It's been a while....
This year I am working on renewing my National Boards and although the process is not as difficult or as time consuming as the first time, there is still a lot of writing, videoing, and reflecting.
Which explains my absents!

But I am back!
So I have been working with my kiddos on authors and what perfect time to introduce Coretta Scott King and African American Authors.

This week we have been reading Do Like Kyla by Angela Johnson with Kindergarten and First grade.
We do a picture walk and talk about what motivated the author to write a story about two sisters (pssst, we don't know so we just brainstorm).
Then students fill out a Beginning, Middle, End graphic organizer after we read the story.  I do this to help them with our Benchmark assessments that require them to tell what happened at the beginning, middle and end.

My second graders are learning about Coretta Scott King and the award named after her.  They use ipads to look up facts about her and then find the title of a book that has received her award. 

I have a "I mustache what you are reading" bulletin board outside the library so I posted the Coretta Scott King research with pictures of my second graders and their mustache!
If you want to see my Black History Month packet and all the authors we will be learning about you can check it out, just click on the picture.