Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rallying for Rusty

Rally For Rusty Fundraiser PLEASE HELP(teachers helping teachers) 

What better way to help another teacher out than hold a fundraiser with awesome resources for teachers.

Recently a former teacher and colleague of mine was hit with a horrible situation.
Over Christmas break her husband was experiencing flu like symptoms.  She took him to urgent care and was sent home with instructions to rest and drink fluids.  After a continued fever, she took him back to his primary physician.  There he was rushed to the hospital and admitted.  After blood test it was found that he was septic, a bacteria had taken over and his organs would eventually shut down.  This was on Christmas DAY.  What was a healthy normal man was now on the verge of death.  By the grace of God and the help of doctors, his body fought hard.  Through only a miracle he is alive and slowly improving.  However, due to the sepsis, while in ICU, doctors had to amputate his legs below the knee and Today they are having to amputate his right hand.  As awful as it all sounds, the family is just happy to have their husband and father. 

I would like to create a FUNDRAISER for this teacher to help out with the challenges they will face and are facing.  I can't imagine having to go through this and know on a teacher's retirement salary that I would face these financial and emotional challenges.  This teacher is the sweetest and kindness person I know and would give you the shirt off her back and I feel the urge to do the same for her.

You can read the whole story and updates about her husband at this site. … f1/mystory

Please feel out this form if you have an awesome product you are willing to donate to the cause.
I will then create a store just for that with a bundle of the products.  The store name will be Rallying for Rusty.


Thanks you so much for all your help!!!!

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