Friday, November 23, 2012

New adventure...or not

We are on our Thanksgiving holiday break now and other than spending time with my kids, hitting the stores for the Black Friday deals, and baking for my next cake order, I am enjoying the time off.  Did I mention I put my Christmas decorations up on Veterans day lol?  It was a first for me but I am really enjoying them and the kids are too.  So I am thinking about venturing in to creating my own clip art.  I am thinking about having me 6 year old help as I love the elementary style clips that are simplistic and so fun.  Stay tuned!
  Also, if you are looking for Black Friday deals, check out teacher pay teacher, they are having some of their own.  As I was shopping in the wee hours of the morning I was wondering, what in the world does Best Buy have that people camp out for?  Still haven't figured it out.  I do it for the sport of it all and it's the one time I can go shopping for such a long stretch of time without worrying about having to get home to the kids.  I always go witha friend so we can shop and laugh at all the craziness.
Wishing you and yours a door busting holiday :)

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