Monday, November 5, 2012

Turkey Time!

I can not believe it is already November.  Seems like we just started school and now we are close to winter break.  One of my favorite series of books are the "I know an Old Lady" and what would be more appropriate to read to my kindergarteners that, "I know an Old Lady who swallowed a Pie" by Alison Jackson.  The kids love these books as well.  We start out by discussing November and what it reminds us of.  I usually get responses like: turkey, sweet potatoes, pies, Thanksgiving, pilgrims and more.  Then I share with the students that November reminds me of Thanksgiving and I share with the students how my family celebrates Thanksgiving by all getting together and eating.  This usually leads in to them discussing all the things they like to eat for Thanksgiving.  Then we share how we eat so much our belly's are full which of course leads into the story.
There are a lot of great resources free. has math, literacy, carpet time and more printables for this book.  Also, has a bunch of cute printables as well.  I plan on using the retelling printables for my mini lesson with the kindergarten. I would love to hear what your favorite read alouds are for November.

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